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The Luang Say Residence, a serene and luxurious residence in Luang Prabang is designed to step back into visions of its illustrious past with French Colonial architecture at every turn. When approaching Luang Say Residence for the first time, your immediate impression is that of grandeur.

With our tranquil and peaceful environment, private and luxurious pavilions and delightful gourmet restaurant, The Luang Say Residence has all the elements of a truly blissful Read more



Explore Luang Prabang’s UNESCO world heritage town by her finest natural and cultural scenes in the country’s northern part, center of the Buddhist Culture, one of Asia’s well-preserved ways of living and untouched simplicity within this charming peninsula. The Mekong river journey reserves you a remarkably joyful and unique way discovering Laos. The tranquility makes a sensible slower pace into life while a variety of our best selected activities colors your journey a ‘Got to Know’ of the oriental styles. Read more

Henri Mouhot wrote in his diary on the 15th of July 1861

A splendid night; the moon shines with extraordinary brilliancy, silvering the surface of this lovely river, bordered by high mountains, looking like a grand and gloomy rampart.
The chirp of the cricket alone breaks the stillness.